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Smith+Nephew and BASO Webinar

Ed's Smith Nephew + BASO webinar

Smith+Nephew are hosting an Advanced Wound Management webinar in conjunction with BASO - The Association for Cancer Surgery, in order to provide education to surgeons and oncologists on the reduction of surgical site infections and treatment for high risk patients, such as cancer patients.

By attending this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of surgical site infections (SSI) on oncological outcome.
  • Understand the role SSI prevention bundles.
  • Learn about the use of strategies, such as the prophylactic use of single use negative pressure on high risk incisions.
  • Recognise that there are differentiating mechanisms of action for PICO◊ sNPWT over other forms of NPWT.

Participant profile: Surgeons and clinical nurse specialists with an interest in managing wound complications after oncology surgery.

For more details and to Register please click on the link below:
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