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2022 Call for Nominations on BASO National Committee

Dear Colleague,

We are currently seeking nomination for the following Trustee Post.

Ordinary Trustee (1 position)

Eligibility and Term

To apply for this position you must be:

  a full member of the Association (BASO~ACS)

This position is for a period of three years and, with a possible further extension of two years.  There are at least four meetings of the National Committee each year (usually held in February, May, July and October) and Committee Members are expected to attend two of these at a minimum. In addition, Ordinary Members of the Council should display a willingness and ability to take on various remits within the Association and to contribute to its development.

All elected members of the National Committee are currently Trustees of the Association.  A full copy of the Articles of Association can be found on the BASO~ACS website: under the section heading "About Us."

How to submit a nomination

  • Complete and return the BASO~ACS Nomination Form
  • Candidates must be proposed and seconded by two full members of BASO~ACS.
  • Nominations must be sent in writing from the person proposing the candidate and must name the person acting as Seconder.
  • 'Expression of interest' must be received in writing by the nominee.

Nominations must reach the BASO~ACS office by no later than midday on Friday, 16th September 2022. If more than one qualifying candidates are nominated for the Ordinary Member a ballot of the full Membership (bar Honorary Members) of the Association will be held.

BASO welcomes those individuals who are actively contributing to the surgical cancer community to be on the BASO Council, provided they become Full BASO~ACS Member.  Please encourage your colleagues to join and be a part of the growing community of cancer surgeons and trainees engaged in supporting advancement in cancer care, education, research, and training.

We are also inviting nominations for BASO Regional Rep and International Ambassador. Please email BASO Office for details and the job descriptions.

We would encourage eligible members to consider applying for these posts and to participate in the work of the BASO~ACS.Should you wish to disucss the advertised role or have any query, email us at

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