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Evaluation of Cancer Services in the UK

The Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) policy team held a roundtable event on 11th June 2014

The meeting was held with key stakeholders including surgeons, policy makers, professional bodies and patients. The intention was to discuss the outcomes of the report CR-UK commissioned report, An evaluation of cancer surgery services in the UK, and help the policy team understand the potential role that CR-UK can play in supporting improvement in cancer surgery. 

The event comprised five sessions based on the areas covered by the report, and CR-UK invited stakeholders to give their insights into these areas.

This note represents an overview of the discussion of stakeholders at the event. Included are suggested key points for consideration by all parties involved in the event. Cancer Research UK is considering which particular areas it would be appropriate to take forward, as a lead or in partnership and CR-UK are already continuing discussions on some key points and actions. They will be following up with other stakeholders individually on specific areas they are interested in taking forward, and would invite you keep in touch about work you or your organisation is doing in this area.

If you have questions about the minute or anything about our developing work in this area please contact Emlyn Samuel, Senior Policy Manager (; 020 3469 5581) or Zoe Molyneux, Policy Adviser (; 020 3469 8362).

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