Professor Jayant Vaidya

Professor Jayant Vaidya

Vice President

Professor Vaidya is a Professor of Surgery and Oncology and Consultant Surgeon specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the breast.

He currently divides his time equally between research and clinical work. With over 200 original scientific publications, his main research aim over the past twenty years has been to improve our understanding and treatment of breast cancer. In 2014, Professor Vaidya released a book "Fast Facts - Breast Cancer". He has been featured in Time magazine and Reader's Digest and is regularly invited to speak on the BBC. On the NHS, he works as a Consultant Surgeon in London at the Whittington, Royal Free and University College London Hospitals.

Prof Vaidya is elected as the BASO VP in November 2023. He will take on the BASO Presidency in 2025.

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