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Mammographic surveillance in breast cancer patients aged 50 years or older

Mammo-50 is a multi-centre, randomised, controlled, phase III trial of annual mammography versus 2 yearly for conservation surgery patients or 3 yearly for mastectomy patients.

There will also be an observational cohort study offered to those patients for whom the specialist or patient opts for standard mammography per local practice or immediate discharge to the screening programme or stopping mammography altogether.

An integrated feasibility study will assess the willingness for centres and patients to participate in the trial and explore reasons for non-randomisation of the cohort patients.

All patients will be asked to complete the Mammo-50 patient questionnaire booklet and followed up in terms of recurrence and survival in accordance with the protocol.

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Mammo -50


International Multicenter Tool to Predict the Risk of Nonsentinel node Metastases in Breast Cancer.

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The nomogram we have developed is now available to download for free as an app for your iPhone/iPad. Just search for "Predictive Tools for Breast Cancer" on your Application Store.

This tool needs calibration according to local practice (this is because the number of retrieved nodes may vary according
to surgeons and pathologists). You will therefore need to enter 2 figures (In the first line of each tool) as follows:

a) For risk prediction of additional nodes the prevalence of nonsetinel N+ in our institutional series is 35. This is an example only and you will need to enter yours.

b) For risk prediction of N2 (I.e. =/>4 nodes) nodes after macrometastatic Sentinel Node Biopsy is 6. This is an example only and you will need to enter yours.

Feedback on this tool is welcomed. Please send to Riccardo A. Audisio, MD, FRCS c/o

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