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Welcome to the website for BASO ~ The Association for Cancer Surgery. Ronald Raven founded the British Association of Surgical Oncology in 1973 as a forum for UK surgeons treating cancer in its various forms.

Since then, we have witnessed enormous advances in the treatment of cancer for men, women and children around the world. However, few people appreciate that surgery remains the mainstay of treatment and is responsible for curing many people. For most cancers, the very best chemotherapy or radiotherapy may not cure people who have had poor or inadequate cancer operations.

Whilst there have been many significant breakthroughs with new cancer drugs, less is known about the advances in cancer surgery over this time. Cancer surgery has changed so that complete removal of tumours can be achieved with less disfigurement or alteration to bodily functions. As a result more people are now able to lead normal and fulfilling lives.

BASO ~ ACS has worked over the last 40 years to improve surgery and standards of care for people with cancer; many of our proposals have been also adopted internationally. Along with the other Specialist Surgical Societies, we have promoted specialisation of UK surgeons to ensure that patients see surgeons with a special interest in their disease. BASO ~ ACS will continue to promote earlier diagnosis, develop better treatment and guidelines to ensure high quality treatment for all in the UK.

Whilst we are happy to provide information and help about the Association and its role, we are unable to provide recommendations of individual surgeons to members of the public. If you have any concerns about symptoms you may be experiencing you should contact your GP.   Patients may find the following websites of use:

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