BASO 2020 Annual Scientific (Virtual) Conference

21st-23rd November 2020

Meeting Theme: 'Education'

Thank you to our attendees, speakers, presenters and panellist for helping us deliver a successful (virtual) meeting.

2020 Programme Booklet

Meeting Highlights will be available soon.

The following BASO Prizes were presented at this meeting:

  • BASO Trainees Oral Presentation Prize - Mr Setthasorn Zhi Yang Ooi
  • BASO Trainees Poster Presentation Prize - Mr Qiang Lu
  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Oral Presentation - Miss Louise Alders
  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Poster Presentation - Mr Matthew Smith
  • Ronald Raven Oral Presentation Prize - Mr Saqib Rahman
  • BASO~ACS Oral Presentation Prize - Miss Christina Fleming
  • Alan Edwards Poster Prize - Mr Raghav Vinay Aggarwal
  • BASO MDT Oral Presentation Prize - Miss India Hickey

Awards Runner ups are:

  • BASO Trainees Oral Presentation Runner up - Mr Aditya Borakati
  • BASO Trainees Poster Presentation Runner up - Miss Catherine Zabkiewicz
  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Oral Presentation Runner up- Mr John Piedad
  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Poster Presentation - Miss Afroza Sharmin
  • BASO MDT Oral Presentation Prize - Mr Roberto Laza-Cagigas


BASO~ACS Programme Sponsors

Support grants was provided towards the BASO programme, which has been designed independently by the BASO~ACS Scientific Meeting Committee. BASO~ACS acknowledges and appreciates the support from our sponsor.

Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a diversified advanced medical technology business that supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries. At Smith & Nephew we continue to look to improve both clinical & economic value. W: | T: 01923 477100 | E:

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