2020 BASO~ACS Annual Scientific Conference

2020 Conf 2

Thank you to our attendees, speakers, presenters and panellist for helping us deliver a successful (virtual) meeting.  We had an excellent meeting, the programme highlights and meeting report will be available on our website soon..

In 2021 we will be celebrating BASO's 50th Anniversary, Meeting dates for the Nov2021 Annual Conference will be announced soon.


BASO~ACS Programme Sponsors

Support grants are provided towards the BASO programme, which has been designed independently by the BASO~ACS Scientific Meeting Committee. BASO~ACS acknowledges and appreciates the support from our sponsors.

Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew is a diversified advanced medical technology business that supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries. At Smith & Nephew we continue to look to improve both clinical & economic value.

Please visit us at:

W: www.smith-nephew.com/uk

T: 01923 477100

E: customerservicesuk@smith-nephew.com


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