BASO~ACS Annual Scientific Conference 2013

4th & 5th November 2013, Royal College of Surgeons

Ronald Raven Prize Papers:

Proteomic Identification of Predictive Biomarkers of Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy Resistance in Breast Cancer: A possible role of AkT-1, FAKY397, 14-3-3 theta/tau, tBID and BcL-XL?Tasadooq HussainWatch it now
Extramural venous invasion (EMVI) is a potential imaging predictive biomarker in rectal cancerManish ChandWatch it now
A study of Lamin A/C mRNA expression in human breast cancer and potential implications regarding the role of nuclear stability in breast carcinogenesisUmar WazirWatch it now
Imaging of breast cancer morphology using probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy: Towards a novel imaging tool for real-time intra-operative cavity scanningTou Pin ChangAwaiting Webcast
Death Associated Protein 3: in vivo and in vitro evidence for a pro-apoptotic role in human breast cancerUmar WazirWatch it now

Parallel papers - Session 1:

Clinical outcome after surgical treatment of soft tissue sarcoma in the elderly and very elderlyPhilipp LechlerAwaiting Webcast
Survival outcome of operated and non-operated elderly patients with rectal cancer: a SEER analysisAneel BhanguWatch it now
Angiosarcomas in the Older Population - Experience of the East Midlands Sarcoma ServiceVi Vien TohAwaiting Webcast
Age should not be used to determine fitness for hepatectomy for colorectal liver metastasesDeclan DunneAwaiting Webcast
Uncertain value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in cholangio-carcinomaMatthew ParryAwaiting Webcast
The impact of patient fitness on the cost of hepatectomyDeclan DunneAwaiting Webcast

Sloane Audit:

UpdateProfessor Alastair ThompsonWatch it now

Plenary Session 4th November:

Cancer surgery in the elderly assessing and coping with frailtyProf Riccardo AudisioWatch it now
Pelvic resections in the older cancer patientProfessor Paris TekkisAwaiting Webcast
Liver resections in the elderlyMr Stephen FenwickAwaiting Webcast
Breast cancer in the elderly - should we always operate?Ms Lynda WyldWatch it now
Breast radiotherapy after conservation in the elderly - is it really needed?Dr Charlotte ColesWatch it now
MAMMO 50 trialMr Peter DonnellyWatch it now

SOTA Prize papers:

Pre-operative Tumour Marker Status Predicts Recurrence and Survival after Complete Cytoreduction and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei: Outcome in 519 patientsPanos Taflampas (ASGBI)Watch it now
Is plasma fibrinogen a novel independent prognostic factor in patients undergoing surgery for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?Matthew Smith (SCTS)Watch it now

Keynote Address:

The Medical Innovation Bill (Audio Only)Lord Maurice Saatchi Watch it now
Getting it right first time - lessons for us allProfessor Tim BriggsWatch it now

EJSO Lecture:

Professor Michael BaumWatch it now

Plenary Session 5th November:

Hereditary pancreatic disease and cancerMr Richard CharnleyAwaiting Webcast
Challenges to clinical trial recruitment in the youngProfessor Bridget YoungWatch it now
Breast cancer in pregnancyProfessor Sibylle LoiblWatch it now
Sarcoma in children and young adultsProfessor Rob GrimerWatch it now
Thyroid malignancy in young adultsMr Radu MihaiWatch it now
Preserving fertility before cancer treatmentDr Allan PaceyWatch it now

BJS Prize papers:

Pre-operative HistoscanningTM as an adjunct to preoperative staging improves complete excision rates for locally advanced prostate cancer after radical prostatectomyNicholas Faure-WalkerAwaiting Webcast
POBRAD Trial: Prospective trial evaluating outcomes of immediate implant breast reconstruction using an acellular dermal matrixMichael DouekWatch it now
Ipad based Applications have the potential to revolutionise cancer data collectionVinod MathenAwaiting Webcast
The SentiMAG Multicentre Trial: sentinel node biopsy using a magnetic technique versus the standard techniqueMichael DouekWatch it now
Inaccurate coding of complex breast surgery may lead to misleading surgeon specific outcomesKenneth KeoghAwaiting Webcast
Malignancy risk in ultrasound detected gallbladder polyps: A systematic reviewDeclan DunneAwaiting Webcast

Parallel papers - Session 2:

Alistair SlesserAwaiting Webcast
Neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy does not improve local recurrence rates in mucinous rectal cancerManish ChandAwaiting Webcast
Does height of rectal cancer influence oncological outcome?Aneel BhanguWatch it now
The Role of Selective Internal Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Liver MalignanciesJohn MoirAwaiting Webcast

Parallel papers - Session 3:

Neoadjuvant endocrine therapy up-regulates expression of Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, but only pre-treatment levels predict survivalBaek KimAwaiting Webcast
Magnetic sentinel node and occult lesion localization (MagSNOLL) in an in vivo porcine modelMuneer AhmedAwaiting Webcast
Cytokeratin-19 based one-step nucleic acid amplification (OSNA) should not replace histopathology for sentinel lymph node assessment in breast cancer: a meta-analysisJim TiernanAwaiting Webcast
Use of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Programme in an Onco-plastic surgical settingDaniel JordanWatch it now
Surgical Consent - The World’s Largest Chinese Whisper?Dafydd LoughranWatch it now
BAG-1L overexpression promotes a tumour-like phenotype in a three-dimensional model of mammary morphogenesisHashim SyedAwaiting Webcast

BJS Lecture:

Reducing morbidity after breast cancer surgeryDr Suzanne KlimbergWatch it now

Alan Edwards Poster Prize:

Intra-operative Faxitron imaging reduces re-excision rates for wide local excisions for palpable breast cancersElizabeth LiWatch it now
Evaluation of One Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA) molecular assay for intraoperative diagnosis of sentinel lymph node (SLN) metastasisAmmara HasanWatch it now
Systematic review and meta-analysis of radio-guided versus wire-guided localization in the treatment of non-palpable breast cancersMuneer AhmedAwaiting Webcast
A systematic review and meta-analysis of intra-operative ultrasound versus wire-guided localization in the surgical management of non-palpable breast cancersMuneer AhmedAwaiting Webcast
A study of macrophage Activatory to Inhibitory FcɣR ratio in HER2+ breast cancerJamie Varun KrishnanAwaiting Webcast
Low MAD2 protein expression is a predictor of poor outcome after chemotherapy and radiotherapy in oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer patientsElma O’ReillyAwaiting Webcast

Ernst Miles Lecture:

Early rectal tumors - progress made and challenges aheadMr Neil BorleyWatch it now
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