BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Prize

The BASO Trainees Audit/Quality Improvement Prize (QIP) is established in 2019 to support and encourage trainees to get involved with audit and quality improvement with a view of improving care to patients and especially to cancer patients. This prize is intended to highlight the work trainees do in relation to Audit/QIP in surgical specialties and especially in relation to cancer patients.BASO

Trainees Audit/QIP prize is awarded for an Audit/Quality improvement Project undertaken during training.

The winners of the prize:

2019 - awarded at BASO Annual Sceintific Conference 17th-18th Nov 2019

  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Oral Presentation - Mr Paul Sooby
  • BASO Trainees Audit/QiP Poster Presentation - Miss Samantha Cottom

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