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BASO Sponsored Lecture by Prof Bill Heald

Prof Bill Heald presented the BASO~ACS Sponsored lecture at the 4th Portsmouth TME Symposium on 10th March 2018.

Here is a report from Mr Zaed Hamady, BASO Hon. Secretary

"On the 10th of April Prof Bill Heald, CBE was invited to present a historical lecture about his lifetime achievement with the development of TME rectal cancer resection. Bill is possibly the eldest practicing surgeon; however, he refused to tell me his age. He was vice president of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and currently the chairman of the colorectal group at the Champalimaud Foundation for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal.  Bill is an enthusiastic sailor.

A simple search online on the most significant advances in colorectal cancer treatment over the last four decades will cite the TME rectal resection and minimally invasive technique as the development that has revolutionised the rectal cancer treatment and improved survival.

Professor Heald is a passionate educator who has dedicated himself to training surgeons in the U.K. and the international surgical community in the conduct of TME. He demonstrated TME surgery in more than 50 countries and presented more than 600 Vedic links teaching surgery since defining the "Holy Plane" of rectal cancer surgery in 1988.

Bill Heald is the embodiment of the principle that dedication, hard work, and a thorough study of one's subject will lead to improvements in patient care. I am, therefore, proud and tremendously pleased to present Prof. R.J. Heald, this year's BASO-ACS lecture at the international 4th VIMAR TME Symposium.

During his presentation, Bill talked about earlier technique of rectal cancer resection, and his sharp notice of natural holy planes in pelvis were able to advance this surgery.  Bill proudly spoke about his open TME technique but with passion and privilege presented laparoscopic and robotic TME videos performed by his contemporaries colleagues, and how future cancer surgeons generations should perform TME surgery."

Bill Heald @ TME Symposium

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