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Obituary: Professor Roger Blamey

BASO is sad to report the death of a former President of the Association

The surgeon who performed the first-ever kidney transplant in Nottingham has died, at the age of 79. Professor Roger Blamey was also a pioneer when it came to research into breast cancer. He was behind the opening of the Nottingham Breast Institute at the City Hospital, which provides diagnosis and treatment clinics. Prof Blamey started work at the City Hospital in August 1973. Just six months later, he performed the first kidney transplant in the city.

Prof Blamey's CV includes his work on different treatments for different types of breast cancer, which led to the publication of the Nottingham prognostic index. He retired from surgery early in the last decade, but was still held in high regard among medical professionals.

Prof Blamey was President of BASO in 1998 and 1999.

Prof Blamey had been married to Norma for 55 years, and they had three children - Sarah, Eleanor and Edmund - and six granddaughters.  He  died on 1 September, 2014 after a long battle with illness.

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