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Prizes and Awards Announcement in 2017

Details of awards made at the 2017 Joint BASO~ACS Annual Scientific Conference and NCRI Cancer Conference at Liverpool on 5th-8th November 2017

BASO~ACS had a very exciting joint meeting with the NCRI Cancer Conference this year. The following awards were presented by the Association at this meeting:

  • The Ronald Raven Prize was awarded to Mr Yazan S. Khaled, University of Leeds.
  • The BJS Prize Paper was awarded to Mr Gurdeep Mannu, University of Oxford.
  • The BASO Trainees Oral Prize was given to Mr Henry Smith,The Royal Marsden Hospital.
  • The BASO Trainees Poster Prize was awarded to Mr Narendranath Govindarajah, University of Liverpool.

BASO also honoured the plenary awards to:

  • The BASO Raven Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Professor Derek Alderson, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.
  • The Uccio Querci della Rovere Award was presented to Professor Arnie PurushothamProfessor of Breast Cancer, King's College London.
  • The Geoff Oates Award was presented to Ms Karen NugentPast President ACPGBI, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Southampton University Hospital.
  • The BASO~ACS Plenary Lecture was presented by Professor Freddie HamdyNuffield Professor of Surgery, University of Oxford.
  • The Ernest Miles Award was presented to Professor Jane BlazebyProfessor of Surgery, University of Bristol.
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