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Silver Scalpel Award 2019 Presented to BASO Trustee

Ed Leung - Silver Scalpel Award

Mr Edmund Leung, BASO~ACS Trustee, is awarded the 2019 Silver Scalpel Prize.

There were so many positive descriptions by his colleagues and trainees. His trainees described him as a selfless trainer who is willing to dedicate time to all trainees, health professionals and fulfil his numerous clinical roles, as well as being a father and husband.

Mr Leung sits on the National Advisory Committee for Surgical Oncology. He is leading the educational objectives of the committee in arranging MRCS/FRCS and cadaveric courses for all level of trainees. His knowledge and experience are evident in the Colorectal MDT discussions, where his decisions and/or arguments are evidence-based and always encompass a holistic patient approach. His colleagues value his opinion on challenging cases.

Mr Leung is a recognised laparoscopic trainer. Under his stewardship, staff grade surgeons at the Hereford County Hospital have benefitted from intense laparoscopic colorectal surgery and endoscopy training. Mr Leung's time commitment and dedication to junior colleagues is far superior than that demonstrated by his colleagues. He has also supported the personal development of the surgical department's first and only Physician's Associate, such that the Physician's Associate has been inspired to apply to medical school in the pursuit of a surgical career! Mr Leung's dedication to training also extends to theatre staff and ward nurses. Mr Leung was described as an "approachable, down-to-earth individual who is admired by his medical and allied health professional colleagues".  We look forward to Mr Leung using his skills in the delivery of the BASO educational activities.

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