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Ronald Raven Travelling Fellowship

The Fellowship is open to UK-resident trainees or recently appointed consultants, who have gained the fellowship of one of the British or Irish Colleges, and who intend to travel outside the UK. Closing date for applications is Friday, 21st September 2018. The award is currently for a maximum of £3,000 and may be awarded to one or several individuals as considered appropriate by the BASO~ACS National Committee when considering the merits of their applications.

Applications should be submitted for the attention of Mr Zaed Hamady, BASO Honorary Secretary (acting), by post to the Association, or emailed to Association Administrator, and be submitted in the following format:

  1. A personal statment outlining the details of the use to which you wish to put the Award and also the benefits you wish to obtain from the visit. Please also include details of any other scholarship/sponsorship obtained and whether you are applying for the full Award or part of it.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (brief version, 3 pages max.)
  3. A letter of support from an independent refree/ supervisor within UK as to your suitability for this scholarship.
  4. A letter of invitation from the unit/institution to be visited, showing that approval has been given for the intended programme.

Closing date for receipt of 2018 applications is Friday, 21st September 2018.

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