The last two decades of cancer surgery has witnessed an increased fragmentation of surgical oncology into various subgroups with increasing subspecialisation even within each surgical discipline. As a result, the current generation of surgical trainees with specific interest in cancer surgery have very little exposure to the latest advances in surgical oncology in general and the current practice and guidelines in other surgical subspecialties. This concordance has created a gap in the surgical education market for an organisation that promotes broadening the base knowledge of cancer surgery amongst trainees and endorses increased interaction between various surgical oncology subgroups. BASO~ACS Committee members have recognised this gap and, to address this issue, have invited the trainee groups of all surgical subspecialties to join the BASO TRAINEES Group formerly known as Surgical Oncology Trainees "SOTA".


  • To promote a high standard of training and education in cancer surgery across all disciplines.
  • To endorse interaction between trainees from all surgical subspecialties and promote dissemination of recent advances in cancer surgery to all members.
  • To advance the understanding of cancer surgery and the current developments in each surgical field.
  • To encourage interaction with colleagues outside the subspecialty and foster greater awareness of the roles and tasks of the modern Cancer Surgeon.
  • To represent views and interests of cancer surgery trainees on other appropriate forums
Membership is open to all candidates who have a medical degree and are in a dedicated career pathway, or interested in pursuing one, in cancer surgery from all disciplines. The membership benefits includes an online subscription to the European Journal of Cancer Surgery (EJSO), discounted registration to the BASO~ACS conference & events  and affiliate membership to ESSO & EYSAC with access to the BASO & ESSO Educational Portfolios and Grants.

An annual BASO TRAINEES Award is available to each of the specialist meetings to promote the development of research and audit interests amongst the current generation of trainees.

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