BASO Trainees Prize Paper Award

Open to all trainees

Each year, BASO is delighted to offer awards for the best surgical oncology presentation by a trainee at the annual conference of each of the Surgical Specialty Associations.

The BASO Trainees (Formerly known as 'SOTA') Prize Papers Award is open to all such trainees, whether or not they are members of BASO Trainees group, and currently compromises a Certificate and Cheque for up to £200.

BASO Trainees Prize was awarded to:

2017: Mr Henry Smith and Mr Narendranath Govindarajah were presented the BASO Trainees Oral Presentation Prize and BASO Trainees Poster Prize respectively at the recent BASO Trainees Meeting held on 5th November 2017 at the BASO_NCRI Cancer Conference.

2017: Miss Udo Abah for presenting abstract, "pathological lymph node involvement is not a predictor of adverse outcomes in patients undergoing VATS lobectomy for lung cancer" at the SCTS 2017 Annual Meeting.

2017: Miss Jessica Steadman and Mr Kieran Atkinson for presenting abstract on surgical oncology at the ASiT 2017 Annual Meeting.

2016: Mr Mohamad Fathul Aizat Kamarizan and Ms Su-Min Lee for presenting abstract on surgical oncology at the ASiT 2016 Annual Meeting.

2015: Mr Luke Dickerson and Mr Emer O'Connel for presenting abstract on surgical oncology at the ASiT 2015 Annual Meeting.

2014: Mr Malcolm Will for presenting abstract, "VATS Segmentectomy-The Future of Pulmonary Resection" at the SCTS 2014 Annual Meeting.

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